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Civil War
Family History
Arrived Texas
My mother, Faye Bell [nee FRANKLIN] BOX, was proud to be descended from Texas pioneers. The dates of arrival in present day Texas of three of her maternal ancestor families
  • Thomas and Maria Priscilla [nee BROOKS] WILLIAMS in 1819
  • Hiram and Lucy [nee RICHARDSON] ESTES by 1845
  • Edward and Elizabeth Ann [nee WILLIAMS] SWEATT about 1846
    bear witness to her pride.

    My father's ancestors arrived between 1845 and 1858; before the American Civil War.

    My mother's parental grandparents were the 'Johnny come latelies' to Texas, arriving about 1889. The only post-American Civil War arrivers to Texas.

    Details of my ancestors arrival to Texas are provided below with some major events in Texas history.

  • 1810 - 1821; Mexican Revolutionary Period; 16 September 1810 - 24 August 1821
    1819 The family of Thomas and Maria Priscilla [nee BROOKS] WILLIAMS arrived [present day] Texas from Missouri Territory [present day Arkansas] with 6 minor and adult children. Present day Texas was then part of Spain's North American Empire.
    William WILLIAMS, born 1803 in Weakley County, Tennessee, 15 or 16 years of age, was among their children.
    1821 - 1835; Mexican Provincial Period
    24 Aug 1821 Mexican Independence Day
    1827 William WILLIAMS married Cinderella Jane BEAN or SHAW in Jan 1827 in Nacogdoches, Coahuila y Tejas, Mexico.
    Cinderella Jane BEAN / SHAW's arrival in Texas is unknown; she was born in Tennessee.
    1833 Russell Bean WILLIAMS was born on 12 July 1833 in Nacogdoches, Coahuila y Tejas, Mexico, to William and Cinderella Jane [nee BEAN or SHAW] WILLIAMS.
    Thus, as I am wont to say, my generation is sextodecimo [1/16th] Mexican.
    1835 - 1836; Texas Revolutionary Period
    02 Oct 1835 The Texas War of Independence began with the Battle of Gonzales, 02 Oct 1835.
    1835 or 1836 According to oral family history, Benjamin DeKalb FRANKLIN served with the Revolutionary Texas Army as a Captain in 1835 or 1836. No supporting documentation has been found. He was allegedly rewarded three leagues and one labor of land in Texas for his service. The deed, drawn on goat skin, was lost, misplaced, or stolen.
    21 Apr 1836 The Texas War of Independence ends with the Battle of San Jacinto, 21 April 1836.
    1836 - 1845; Republic of Texas Period
    by 1845 The family of Hiram and Lucy [nee RICHARDSON] ESTES arrived Texas from Missouri with as many as 8 minor children and a number of married children.
    Serena Paton ESTES, born in 1838 in Newton County, Missouri, about 7 years of age, was among their children.
    Mar - Dec 1845; Transition to Statehood
    01 Mar 1845 U.S. Congress passed a 'Joint Resolution for Annexing Texas to the United States'.
    Dec 1845 The family of George and Salina Sue [nee Jones] BOX arrived Rusk County, with 6 children. Salina [nee Jones] was the widow of George BOX. George BOX died in 1840 in Benton County, Alabama.
    James 'Jim' Robert BOX, born in 1835 in Benton County, Alabama, about 10 years of age, was among the children.
    29 Dec 1845 U.S. President James Polk fulfilled his campaign platform promise to annex Texas by signing legislation making Texas the 28th state of the United States.
    29 Dec 1845 - Feb 1861; Empire State Of The Antebellum South Period
    circa 1846 Edward Caroll and Elizabeth Ann [nee WILLIAMS] SWEATT arrived Texas from Tennessee, with one or no children. The birthplace of Elizabeth Tarazada Sweatt, born 31 Oct 1846, is unknown.
    1851 The family of Samuel and Permelia 'Millie' [nee CURETON] HIGH and about 7 children arrived Texas from Tennessee.
    Henry Harrison HIGH, born in 1842 in Tennessee, about 9 years of age, was among their children.
    Nov 1853 William Green SWEATT was born on 02 Nov 1853 in Carthage, Panola, Texas, to Edward and Elizabeth Ann [nee WILLIAMS] SWEATT.
    1854 The family of Alpheus and Mary Ellen [nee BARBEE] ELLIOTT and, at least, 4 children arrived Texas from Tennessee.
    Sarah Margret ELLIOTT, born in Tennessee in 1844, about 10 years of age, was among their children.
    The family of Alexander Andrew 'Andy' and Cynthia Tunnel [nee HILL] NORMAN and at least 3 children arrived Texas from Tennessee. Son John came to Texas in 1858; the family left Tennessee and arrived in Canton, Texas, in early 1859.
    Sarah Elizabeth NORMAN, born in 1844 in Tennessee, about 14 years of age, was among their children.
    Feb 1861 - Aug 1865; Secession and American Civil War
    At this writing, 24 of my ancestral
  • great grandfathers and granduncles
  • 2nd great grandfathers and granduncles
  • 3rd great grandfathers and granduncles
    are documented to have been engaged in the fratricidal conflict known as the American Civil War.

    Consistent with the premise that Texas is a Southern rather than a Western state, only 2 of these Civil War Veterans served in the Union Army.

    Details can be found on the American Civil War Ancestors webpage.

  • Aug 1865 - Jan 1874; Reconstruction
    late May 1865 Federal troops began entering the state in late May 1865.
    30 Mar 1870 President Grant signed the act that readmitted Texas to the Union and ended Congressional Reconstruction on March 30, 1870.
    15 Jan 1874 Governor Edmund J. Davis reluctantly left office on 15 January 1874, officially marking the end of Reconstruction in Texas.
    1865 - 1890; Old West-New South Period
    1884 The family of William Green and Marry Lucinda Cinderella [nee WILLIAMS] SWEATT moved from Mount Calm, near Waco, Texas, to a ranch six miles west of Abilene, Texas. A journey of 250 miles by Interstate Highway; 190 miles cross-county.
    Tennie SWEATT, born 03 August 1879 in Mount Calm, present-day Hill County, Texas, about 8 years of age, was among the children.
    before 1889 The family of Francis Marion and Frances 'Fanny' Parlee [nee PATTERSON] FRANKLIN arrived Texas from Oktikebbeh County, Mississippi, by wagon, before 1889.
    This arrival date is based on the birthdates / birthplaces of their children.
    The sixth child, Francis Henry Franklin, was born on 17 Nov 1886 in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi. The next child, Samuel "Doc" Trasivan Franklin, was born on 10 July 1889 in Abilene, Texas.
    John Easom FRANKLIN, born 27 July 27 1872 in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, no older than 17 years of age, was with the family.
    Patterson and Walker families, children of Frances Elizabeth [nee MURPHY] and Felix W. PATTERSON, traveled with the Franklin's.
    Civil War