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Columbia Cemetery Civil War Headstone Conservation
James G. Pendleton
Pvt. James G. Pendleton; Co. A, 7th Illinois Infantry; died 06Dec1922, ~77.5 years of age
Raised 08 inches, set on 10 x 12 x 2.5 inch dimensioned stone footing, leveled, and plumbed.
[ Dimension sandstone provided by Tribble Stone, Boulder, CO 80302. ]

Due to subsidence, the headstone was tilted [ pitched ] forward ~ 16 degrees.

James G. Pendleton enlisted as a Private on 06Feb1864 at 20 or 21 years of age. JGP served more than 17 month in the ILL 7 INF; 06Feb1864 to 09July1865.

While James G. Pendleton was in service, the 7th ILL INF regiment
  • was engaged in the defense of Allatoona Station, Georgia, 05Oct1864.
    The regiment was highly complimented by the Division Commander and General Sherman, who said: "For the numbers engaged, they stood upon the bloodiest battle field ever known upon the American continent".
    The estimated casualties [number killed, wounded, and missing] exceeded 36 percent [706/1,944] for the Union forces and 40 percent [799/2,000] for the Confederate forces.
    The battle of Allatoona had direct influence on the course of the Franklin-Nashville Campaign.
  • was engaged in the battle of Bentonville, N. C., 19-21Mar1965, which had a decisive influence on the Carolinas Campaign and a direct impact on the course of the war
  • witnessed the surrender of Gen. Joseph E. Johnston at Bennett's House near Durham's Station, North Carolina, 26April1865
  • participated in the Grand Review on 24May1865; Day Two, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman's the Army of Georgia and the Army of The Tennessee.
    . . . thousands still wore their battered uniforms, stained with Carolina mud, and many still went barefoot.
    General Sherman observed, "The sight was simply magnificent. The column was compact, the glittering muskets looked like a solid mass of steel, moving with the regularity of a pendulum". Sherman would remember this sight as the happiest, most satisfying moment of his life.
    A observer reported, "They march like the lords of the world".

    James G. Pendleton was mustered out at Louisville, KY, on 09July1865

    The Ill 7th Infantry was the only regiment in the Union army that purchased its own rifles - the 16 shot Henry Repeating Rifles - paying $50 each for them out of their meager pay of $13 per month, thereby increasing their effective force five-fold.

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  • The Grand Review by Jack Rudolph published in the Nov1980 issue of Civil War Times Illustrated
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